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Bel Canto Australia - YouTube Index
Etenesh Bell
     Sea slumber song
     Elgar Sea pictures
Arabella Wain & Lillie Rose
     Humperdink (Hansel & Gretel)
     Humperdink (Hansel & Gretel)
Lillie Rose
     Scarlatti -
     English art song (Stanford) 
Arabella Wain
     Les oiseaux dans la Charmille
Natasha Holt
Ayrton Rose
     Ballard & Silvestri
Britten - The little sweep 'Lets make an opera'
Bel Canto Australia
Sometimes I feel like a motherless chile
Sea pictures (Elgar) Play audio 
In haven
Evening prayer
Brother come and dance with me
The flower duet
On Wings of Song
Gią il Sole Dal Gange
A soft day
Doll aria 
Blow the wind southerly
Ye banks and braes o' Bonnie Doon
Spring is at the door
comin' thro' the rye
Believe - Polar express
Play video 1
Play video 2
We will meet again

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