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Don't miss out on this exiting and meaningful occasion!



 ‘A Christmas Concert’

In aid of Camp Quality

With guest artists

Michael Lampard (Baritone)

Jennifer Marten-Smith (Pianoforte)


Hobart Town hall ~ Sunday 16th of December, 2012 ~ 7:30 PM

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Bel Canto Australia wishes to thank all those involved in making this concert a success


‘Children helping Children’ is one of Bel Canto Australia’s commitments towards those less fortunate


‘Bel Canto Australia’





With Guest artists

Michael Lampard (Baritone)

Rhodri Clarke (Piano)




Etenesh Bell Arabella Wain Gemma Holt Lillie Rose

Isobel Latimer Alexander Gall Anastasia Gall Josephine Waugh Melfred Lijuaco Jennifer O’Halloran Thor Holloway Isabella Shackcloth Sophia Adelstein Saku Coulter Mehr Gupta

Zoe Shackcloth


  ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦  ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦


Lament  (Stabat Mater) Barratt/Jenkins


Feeling all the grief and sorrow

We live life with shadows in our hearts and minds

With tears that wait to fall when sorrow in the world

Is more than we can truly bear

We hear the cries of children

We see death cast shadows on their hearts and minds

As mothers in their grief stand crying, weeping, for this world,        this world



 All proceeds to ‘Care Australia’

Hobart Town Hall Friday 7th of October 2011 ~ 7:30 PM

ABC Afternoons with Michael Veitch . . .
Poster . . .       Program . . .

Bel Canto Australia wishes to thank all those involved in making this concert a success


‘Children helping Children’ is one of Bel Canto Australia’s commitments towards those less fortunate




Arabella Wain and Lillie Rose Debut recital

With guest artists  Michael Lampard (Baritone) & Stephanie Abercromby (Piano)

Medowbank Estate ~ Richmond Tasmania

Saturday 11th October 2008


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Evening prayer  Brother come and dance with me

Humperdink (Hansel & Gretel)

On Wings of Song ~  Mendelssohn

Già il Sole Dal Gange ~ Scarlatti

Doll aria  ~ Les oiseaux dans la Charmille


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Songs through the ages
 Meadowbank Estate Saturday 16th of May, 2009 at 10:30 AM
Songs through the ages
Bel Canto Australia young artist Etenesh Bell with guest artists baritone Michael Lampard and pianist Karen Smithies will present a recital of songs through the ages, from the Italian baroque through to the Australian 21st century.
The program will include songs by Michael Head and a selection from Elgar’s song cycle ‘Sea Pictures’, as well as several arie antiche from the old Italian masters.
Lampard will perform songs by Ivor Gurney, the song cycle ‘Chanson Galliardes’ by Poulenc and the world premiere of two songs by Tasmanian composer Damien Holloway set to poetry by Tasmanian poet Sarah Day.
The recital promises to be a very special event.
Meadowbank Estate Saturday 16th of May, 2009 at 10:30 AM
Tickets $10.00 at the door
Etenesh Bell  
Michael Lampard   
Karen  Smithies

From left:

Edward Guiler, Nathan Brown, Etenesh Bell, Michael Lampard,

Emilie McDonnell, Lillie Rose, Arabella Wain

Mid-Summer Opera rehearsal 

Off to Sydney, January 2006 for the 'A Mid-Summer opera production'

Seven Students of Bel Canto Australia were successful in auditioning for the Mid-Summer opera production in Sydney.





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New opera for young artists commissioned by 'Bel Canto Australia'   


Music by

Michael Lampard


Libretto by

Suzanne Ortuso 

An exciting new project is taking place in Hobart in 2006. A new opera has been composed and, if all goes according to plans, will have its premiere later this year. The opera was conceived out of collaboration between Suzanne Ortuso, who wrote the libretto, and Michael Lampard who composed the musical score.


Michael commenced composing in his first year of a Bachelor of Music degree at the Tasmanian University Conservatorium of Music. His first opera ‘Succubus’ a chamber opera in two scenes was premiered at the Sir Stanley Burbury Theatre, Hobart in 2004.


In 2005 his work for two pianos and narration, entitled ‘Tsunami’ was premiered at the Tasmanian University Conservatorium of Music. This short work illustrates through text and music the devastation caused by the 2004 Tsunami.


Michael has also composed a ‘Requiem’ and numerous songs, performed regularly by ‘Bel Canto Australia’ young artists in recitals and competitions.


 . . . Matilda. . .  Bonnie. . .  quick follow me, step on the path of destiny!

Composer's notes

The children’s opera ‘Magic Mountain’ came about through a collaboration between Suzanne Ortuso, my singing teacher and long time friend, and I. We wanted to create a distinctly Tasmanian opera especially for all the voices and resources we have at our disposal. One of the greatest landmarks and a beautiful Indexdrop to our city of Hobart is ‘Mount Wellington’, we decided that this is where the opera should be set. It began initially as a simple fairy tale but grew quickly into much more. An interesting aspect of the story is the fusion of so many themes from famous fairy tales and children’s stories, from ‘Sleeping Beauty’ to Hansel and Gretel’ and even ‘The Wizard of Oz’, ‘Magic Mountain pulls on these ideas to create a new and refreshing operatic tale. 

When I was given the text, I was struck by the under lying idea of action and consequence. In fairy tale as in life, every action has a consequence, be it good or bad. This idea features heavily in ‘Magic Mountain’

While composing this work I strived for simplicity. I tried to refrain from  ‘arty’ music and simply allow the notes to breathe life into the text.  There are some moments of musical indulgence on my behalf where a-­ tonality creeps in and beautiful melodies are absent. I felt this was necessary to convey particular moments as dramatically as possible.


Amy and the Doll

Amy and the Doll 


A children’s opera from an idea of composer Michael Lampard

and libretto by Suzanne Ortuso


Amy is a poor lonely girl longing for love and a home. She has no friends or toys to share and dreams of owning her own doll.  One day she goes to a drawer and holding rags and ribbons wishes they could be turned into a doll.


A spirit appears out of the moonlight and creates a doll. The spirit puts a spell on the doll to love and protect the poor girl. When the girl awakes she is overjoyed to find a doll in her arms promising to love protect and look after her.


Meanwhile in the town square there is much merriment as the Prince is making an appearance hoping to find a wife. There is arguing between two sisters as to which one the Prince will find most appealing but as the Prince gazes into the crowd he spots the poor girl clutching her doll. He falls immediately in love with her and asks her to marry him. He invites the doll to be a part of his family. There is much merriment as the wedding takes place.



Cinderella production 2003






His Excellency the Honourable Sir Guy Green Governor of Tasmania - Index stage




Natasha Holt





Photo gallery . . .

Port Arthur production 2003

Rest before performance



Natasha, Karina & Gemma Holt









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Concert in aid of Hobart Rotary

In 2004 Bel Canto Australia staged its first production of 'SHOWTIME' at Wrest Point Convention Centre for Rotary International.




The concert was artistically and financially very successful and plans for another major production for 2006 are well under way.

Poster (pdf)    Poster (pdf)   Program (pdf) 

Concerts in aid of Camp Quality

Bel Canto Australia staged its first production for Camp Quality in 2000 at the Hobart Town Hall. This was followed  by two productions in 2001 and 2002 at the Federation Concert Hall marked by unprecedented attendance and financial success.




For the 2002 concert Bel Canto Australia produced its first CD entitled 'We Will Meet Again' with a composition by Suzanne Ortuso dedicated to India, Patrick and friends.



Poster (pdf)  Program ((pdf)


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